Networking : We  are also providing facility of networking  and the best part is that we are doing active, paassive both the networking . 

  • Active  Networking.
  • Passive Networking.

Active Network :An active Network is the communication pattern  that allows packtes flowing through a Telecomunication network to dynamically modify the operation of the network .

Passive Network : A passive Network is a type of network in which each node work on a predefined function or process .Passive Networks do not execute any specialized code or instruction at any node and don't change their behaviour dynamically .

  • Interface cards  : These allow computer to communicate  over the network with a low-level addressing system using media access control (MAC) addresses to distinguish one computer from another.
  • Repeaters: These are electronic devices that amplify communication signals and also filter noise from interfering with the signals.
  • Hubs:These contain multiple ports, allowing a packet of information/data to be copied unmodified and sent to all computers on the network.
  • Bridges: These connect network segments, which allows information to flow only to specific destinations
  • Switches:These are devices that forward, make forwarding decisions and otherwise filter chunks of data communication between ports according to the MAC addresses in the packets of informatio
  • Routers :These are devices that forward packets between networks by processing the information in the packet.
  • Firewalls:These reject network access requests from unsafe sources, but allow requests for safe ones.