CNT India has never diluted its continued leadership efforts by getting it involved in the business activities not in line with its vision, mission and core competence. CNT India has since the beginning has been concentrating on the technology infrastructure element integration with the targets to develop the scalable, reliable and available technology infrastructure Solutions.


CNT India was incorporated in the year 1997 as a unique concept of vendor independent integration Services Company providing the heterogeneous platform integration for servers, networks and databases. Over the years we have added the skills and competence to address the more recent infrastructure needs of storage, middleware and security.


CNT India believes that to be a partner to its vendors, employees, customers and investors, it needs to invest in usable assets and resources that will be bring long-term commitment to market. Over the years CNT India has invested into those assets that make the backbone of the organizational resources to help us develop productive environment, reach and financial stability.

Best Team the Competence factor

The industry certified skills with IBM, SUN, HP, TIVOLI and LEGATO certified consultants - are the most important component of CNT India Best Team which also consists, MCAs, MBAs and business and system analysts with wide industry experience. Our team thus, possesses a deep understanding of both technology and business processes.

We have developed unique programs to reach and partner with the best talent and skills in the industry. And a corporate environment designed for and by technical managers, which allow us to attract, train and develop a continuously evolving partnership with the "BEST of the BEST".

Each CNT India team member has the expertise on at least one niche area of the technology and is further developed by the rich experience he/ she is exposed to on some of the unique multi-platform and proprietary forms of networks and storage at our Knowledge Management Center. The principle that keeps the team technologically ahead of anyone else is to constantly develop the expertise through experience, document experience as information and let information be available as knowledge.

This knowledge is the Team Intellect which has an answer to all the complex requirements of the heterogeneous computing environments and to deliver the best technical solutions to new emerging issues of High availability, systems manageability, disaster recovery planning and to control the TCO.


Our best practice, solutions and case studies are all documented in the CNT INDIA Methodologies. Our approach ensures that every client constantly receives a high level of services - no matter where they are on the globe, what team is deployed or how complex and heterogeneous is his computing environment.

We believe that the best solutions come by following the quality practices. We have quality process documents designed by some of the most renowned industry consultants and CNT India is also striving to receive the coveted ISO 9001 Certification.